Annual Scarf and Hat Drive with the Original Pancake House

Before the holiday rush, please consider making items for the less fortunate to be distributed on Christmas Day at the Original Pancake House restaurants in Bethesda and Falls Church.
Here are the handcrafting details:
Contributions of handmade scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks or other warm things to give away at the Christmas Day breakfast for the less fortunate.  

Knit or crochet scarves
Length: 4 feet – 6 feet
Width: at least 6''
Yarn: Acrylic or washable wool preferred, for ease of care
Color: Neutral colors, if possible, because many of the recipients are men who prefer plain dark colors, but we had a lot of families last year, too, so don't forget children's items.
For knitters/crocheters ready for more of a challenge: try hats, mittens, gloves or even socks. Many of our contributors have done scarf/hat sets. Knit hats for men would be great as well as hats and mittens for kids of all ages. We always have more than enough women's items so if our knitters would add a few men's or children's scarves or hats for every one they do for women, it would be greatly appreciated.
Enter to win a prize!
Receive an entry into a drawing to win a $50 WoolWinders Yarn Shop gift card for every handmade item you donate. We will be accepting donations through December 18, 2015 and will draw the winner on December 21.
November 13, 2015 by Amy Murphy
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