Great Gifts to Knit!

Great Gifts to Knit!

Amy Murphy

Do you love knitting for loved ones? Knitted gifts are so special because of the time and energy the maker (you!) spent selecting the yarn and the pattern. And, of course, the time it takes to knit the piece, finish it and block it only add to the personalized nature of handmade gifts.

But as usual, time is limited and perhaps, you waited a bit too long to start your holiday knitting. Have no fear! We've selected a few quick knits that are sure to please.

Here are our top five gifts to knit this holiday season:

1. Socks - Socks are fantastic because you can knit them basically anywhere and they come together quickly. Men's socks especially are becoming fashion accessories and are really livening up boring work outfits. We like Biscotte & Cie's Felix self-striping yarn or Arne & Carlos's self-patterning design line. There are tons of sock patterns on Ravelry, but when the yarn is so gorgeous, we like Susan B. Anderson's How I Make My Socks pattern the best.

Biscotte & Cie Self-Striping Yarn

Arne & Carlos Design Line

2. Golf Club Covers - What a great way to really personalize a gift for your favorite golfer. Golf club covers can be whimsical or classic - either way they will get tons of use. Our two favorites are Those #@!*% Golf Club Covers and Golf Club Covers by Purl Soho. Knit Those #@!*% Golf Club Covers out of any worsted-weight yarn - how about Shepherd's Wool or Cascade 220 for the wide color palette? Purl Soho's covers would also work with Cascade 220 or cowgirlblues Superwash DK. And we've got pompom makers in stock to add the perfect finishing touch.

Those #@!% Golf Club Covers

Golf Club Covers by Purl Soho

3. Fingerless Mitts - It's almost mitten and glove season outside, and inside it can still be quite chilly. We love fingerless mitts because they are warm, chic and usually don't require any fussy knitting around the fingers. Right now, we love the Tatras Fingerless Mitts by Blue Sky Alpacas knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Extra.

Tatras Mitts by Blue Sky Alpacas

4. Coffee Cozy - Coffee cozies make great stocking stuffers and are wonderful stash busters. We like the beautiful cables in the Twisted Cables Coffee Cozy and the ever-popular owl in the Owl Coffee Cozy. Use a worsted weight yarn for both patterns - time to stash dive!

Twisted Cables Coffee Cozy

Owl Coffee Cozy

4. Scarves - For the ultimate in quick knitting, try Suzy's Arm Knitting class. You'll complete a fabulous infinity scarf in just 2 hours! Or try Braided by Susan B. Anderson out of Malabrigo Rasta.

Arm Knitted Scarf

Braided by Susan B. Anderson

That's enough for now - it's time to start knitting! We hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe even jotted down a few ideas for your holiday knitting. As always, visit the shop and we can help you with any of your knitting questions!