photo-415 Last night I earned a big, "shame on me!" Ok, so I am knitting an afghan for my son and a huge section of it is just mindless stockinette stitch. We were going to a movie that was, let's just say, rather testosterone-driven and I was more enthused by the prospect of the popcorn than the actual movie. Hey, I have spent the last 20+ years living in a testosterone-driven household so this is nothing new, lol. However, this night, I decided I was going to try an experiment. I often knit while talking to others or while watching television and  do not always necessarily look at my knitting. But could I knit in the dark?! You already know what's coming! So I quickly grabbed a new skein of yarn and did a row to attach the new skein and stuffed my project into a bag and headed out to the movies, oh so carefree and light of heart that I was not going to have to watch Tom Cruise too closely for two hours (BTW he's not my favorite, sorry).  I proceeded to watch most of the movie which had a pretty good story line in between a lot of "Tom Teeth" smiles, ate a lot of popcorn which is definitely not Nutrisystem approved, and worked "blindly" on my afghan. As long as I remembered, or could feel, which side I was on I was golden. Two hours later we get home and I pull my knitting out of my bag so excited to see if I purled when I should have knitted, or if I had dropped a stitch or knit any stitches together only to happily discover that I hadn't and that I could, indeed, knit in the dark. I felt so masterful! I felt so special! I held it up in the light to show my family and to boast at my own knitting prowess when, alas, I discovered it was even easier than I had thought to gauge how much I had knitted during the movie--that section was a different shade of red! I had not checked the dye lot on my skeins and ended up with two shades of red in my afghan, see the sad, sad testimonial photo above. A lesson even we more seasoned knitters seem to never need to keep learning: ALWAYS check your dye lots!!!!! Knit on, friends!