Meet the New Owner!

Hello fellow knitters and crocheters! It's Jules, your communications intern. After meeting many of you and listening to all the questions about the transition of ownership, I thought an interview with the lovely Amy Murphy was just what we all needed, so here's a SNEAK PEAK at what's happening this July!
Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Murphy, the enthusiastic new owner of everyone's favorite local yarn shop, to discover a little more about who she is and some fun hints about what customers can expect. Here's a little bit about Amy! So, where is she from? Growing up, Amy lived in Texas, attended high school in Minnesota, and went to college at Boston University, so, needless to say, she's been to many places! The good news is, she's been living in Maryland for ten years, so have no fear. She has plans to stay at Woolwinders and help it prosper for many years to come! What are her favorite projects to knit? Because Amy has two little ones-ages 1 and 3-her favorite things to knit are super-cute baby items such as colorful blankets and sweaters. Her favorite project to date was an adorable green baby sweater with tiny duck buttons. (So cute!) She said seeing her daughter wear something she made with love was the most exciting part of her experience knitting for her family. Does she have any future knitting projects? (Of course she does!) Just to name a few things, Amy said that she's currently working on a cowl, but she has plans to knit socks, more cute items for the kids (maybe she'll take the How to Knit a Stuffed Animal class), and of course, she has plans to learn from all the workshops offered at Woolwinders when the chance arises. What is she most excited about? Amy said that she can't wait to get to know her customers, work with the current staff, and build on the foundation Paige has created during her time at Woolwinders. (Intern Exclusive: I have it on good account that there are some awesome plans for the growth of Woolwinders coming in the next year, so keep checking back to see what Amy will be doing in the upcoming months.) Ok, now for the really fun stuff! While knitting and crocheting is fun, we all know that what's discussed while working is equally important. So, here are a few television shows that Amy is always up for talking about! - The Real Housewives (the whole series) - Homeland - Downton Abbey (The legacy continues!) - Veep SNEAK PEAKS (A.k.a. the most exciting part of the interview) Any hints at what's coming in July? Yarn! Lot's of yarn! Amy happily revealed that she'll be bringing back some old favorites as well as some new and fabulous brands that Woolwinders hasn't carried in the past. Here's just a taste of what will be arriving! - Malabrigo (YAY!) - Madelintosh (In a variety of great new colors!) - Millamia - Bergère de France - String Theory - ITO Before I wrap this up, Amy wanted to answer two common questions most people had about the transition. 1. Will the store be closed the first week of July? The store will be closed Tuesday, July 1st through Tuesday, July 8th so that all the new yarn and goodies can be shelved and prepped. 2. Will there be classes/are the teachers staying? Yes, the current staff and teachers will stay the same. Well, now that we all know a little more about Amy, the next step is to go to Woolwinders and meet her yourself! She'll be around most of June to learn the ropes from Paige, so when you stop in for a class or just to pick up a few skeins, make sure to ask for Amy. Additionally, she said that if anyone has suggestions for a particular type of yarn or about changes for the store, she is always willing to hear them! So while we will all miss our fearless leader, Paige, it's nice to know that Woolwinders is in good hands! Thank you, Amy, for the interview, and I hope to see everyone this week!