Meet Bristol Ivy (virtually), then come meet her in the shop!

Ariel Brandt Lautman

Have you ever wanted to escape your day to day life and go work as a shepherd (or is that just me)? Bristol Ivy, who's coming to the shop in May, did just that back in 2009!

You can read her blog posts about her time at various farms in New Zealand here.

Hailing from Portland, Maine, Bristol has traveled all over the world as a fiber artist. I've loved keeping up with her on Twitter and Instagram; she was just in Scotland for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival! 

 (now that looks like my idea of a good time, knitting in a bar!)

Bristol will be at Woolwinders for the weekend of May 20-22. She'll be leading classes on Brioche, short rows, and finishing. Join us for the full weekend, or just a class or two!