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Many of us have known the camaraderie of a group knit, whether it's in the shop, or just a few friends sitting around knitting together. But maybe you haven't see some of the fun stuff that knitters are doing on social media. 

I recently participated in Softsweater's Waiting for Rain KAL, and it was so much fun to follow along with other knitters on Instagram. Here are a couple of my favorites from throughout the KAL: 








This first one is mine, and I found someone else had an almost identical picture:

Fancy bind off (finally!) and iZombie #waitingforrainKAL

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Binding off my #waitingforrainkal and binge watching downton abbey. So juicy.

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It was really fun to see all the ways that different knitters interpreted and changed the pattern, and Sylvia even released a pattern update included some of the "hacks" that folks had done (or asked for). This was my first knit along, and being able to see what everyone else was doing, where they ran into trouble, and connecting with Sylvia via Instagram added an entire extra layer of fun.

You can connect with us on Instagram (and Facebook, and Twitter, and of course, Ravelry!), we'd love to see what you're working on!

April 12, 2016 by Ariel Brandt Lautman
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