The Open House - Featuring June Cashmere

Today we continue our feature of June Cashmere, the luxury cashmere yarn company that will be featured at the WoolWinders Annapolis Open House on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th. 

We hope you've enjoyed learning a little about June Cashmere over the past few blog posts. June Cashmere is an extraordinary company, with extraordinary yarns and an extraordinary story. WoolWinders Yarn shop is very excited to bring June Cashmere to you!

We hope to see you at our Annapolis shop on Saturday, October 14th (11am - 6pm) and Sunday, October 15th (12pm - 5pm). Amy Swanson, of June Cashmere, will be here on Saturday to tell you about the company and show you the beautiful yarns.

We are also giving away door prizes to lucky customers. AND, we're offering 10% off storewide* all weekend! More details about June Cashmere and the Open House can be found on our Facebook Events page. We hope to see you there!

*Discount excludes June Cashmere, patterns, and classes and only pertains to WoolWinders Annapolis during the weekend of October 14-15, 2017.



The Yarns - June Cashmere

Today we continue our feature of June Cashmere, the luxury cashmere yarn company that will be featured at the WoolWinders Annapolis Open House on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th. 

June Cashmere yarn has only been on the market for a year, expanding from a few colors to now offering a dozen naturally dyed hues. There are two weights of yarn (DK and lace) in plies of three and six strands. This allows for incredible stitch definition in knitting. The stitches bloom upon washing, showing off the softness of the fiber. This is a luxury yarn that any fiber artist would love to work with and anyone would love to receive as a gift, either as a skein or knit up in a scarf and hat set. Simply, it's warm and beautiful!



The Commitment - About June Cashmere

Today we continue our feature of June Cashmere, the luxury cashmere yarn company that will be featured at the WoolWinders Annapolis Open House on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th. 

June Cashmere actively invests in the communities where cashmere is gathered. They promote village-to-village training sessions teaching best practices for increasing the quantity and quality of cashmere fiber production.

This textile company truly cares about producing a luxury yarn that in turn provides betterment for Kyrgyz families. June Cashmere prides itself on restoring cashmere to its most pure and luxurious form with a process that ensures Kyrgyz traditions are not lost. Such an investment in people and resources shows that June Cashmere is a gem of a company that we are thrilled to help support. 

WoolWinders Annapolis Open House!

We are excited to host our first Open House at the WoolWinders Annapolis shop. We are especially delighted to feature June Cashmere, a company known not just for beautiful cashmere yarns but also for their efforts in creating a social and economic endeavor with the people of Kyrgystan. Keep reading below to learn more about this remarkable company and their yarns. We hope to see you at the WoolWinders Annapolis Open House on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th!


October 05, 2017 by Suzy Roy

Fall for NEW Classes at WoolWinders!

We could go on and on about how we love cool, crisp mornings, bright sunshiny afternoons, freshly-harvested produce, colorful landscapes, and all of the feelings that lend perfectly to our favorite hobbies - knitting and crocheting!  This time of year gives us good reason to stock up on fall favorite yarns and to begin knitting and wearing sweaters and other knitwear. This is why we are so excited to bring you our new Fall and Early Winter classes. The class lineup  features our foundation classes like Knitting 101 and Fixing Mistakes, as well as new sock, technique and project classes. And many of you have been asking, so we’ve added a couple sweater classes - for humans and pups!  Hoping to see you at Rockville or Annapolis soon!

Check out our classes!

Rockville Safari Classes

Rockville Project & Technique Classes

Annapolis Classes



WoolWinders Rockville Anniversary

Mark your calendars so you can join us in the Rockville shop on Saturday, July 29th to celebrate 15 years of being your Local Yarn Shop in Rockville, Maryland. We’ll have special discounts and several door prizes. We know that YOU are the reason we are still in business after all these years. Come celebrate our anniversary with your Local Yarn Shop staff on July 29th!!

You WON'T want to miss it!!

Exploring Sequence Knitting - with KIM!

Our Summer to Remember continues - and we're SO EXCITED to have our very own Kim Schneibolk teaching special workshop classes this summer in Rockville and Annapolis shops! 

Exploring Sequence Knitting with Kim Schneibolk

No stranger to fans of WoolWinders, Kim continues to be a highly sought after Safari instructor. Over the last 15 years, she has taken numerous classes at the national level to enhance her knitting skills. She is also working her way through the TKGA Master Knitting Program, passing the first two levels & working on the final level to become a Master Knitter. To read more about our remarkable Kim, please see her bio on our WoolWinders staff page.

As for sequence knitting - when she first saw the Sequence Knitting book, Kim was taken by the knits in the book because they look so complex, but are easy and relaxing to knit. She is excited to help you explore the concepts of sequence knitting!

Exploring Sequence Knitting*
3 Classes to choose from: 
Saturday, August 12th
9AM - 12PM 
Location: WoolWinders Rockville
Click for more information and registration

Saturday, August 12th
1PM - 4PM
Location: WoolWinders Rockville
Click for more information and registration

SundaySunday, August 13th
1PM - 4PM 
Location: WoolWinders Annapolis
Click for more information and registration

Knit complex looking fabrics with very little mental effort! Sequence knitting is perfect for social and travel knitting. You don't need to track rows as most are 1-row repeats. You'll find that knitting a repetitive sequence of stitches is rhythmic, soothing & meditative. 

In this class you will learn the basics of Sequence Knitting and knit some sample swatches to "see the magic" happen on your needles. 

The book Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro is a beautiful & very informative book. Included in the price of this class, the book does an excellent job of explaining all the nuances of knitting sequences.  It is also an excellent stitch dictionary and has many wonderful patterns to explain and illustrate the concepts and sequence patterns. Join Kim in this exploration of sequence knitting!  

Please note - This class requires participants to have the book, Sequence Knitting. If you already have the book you may register for the session without the cost of the book. Otherwise you can register for the class with the book cost included and you will receive a copy with the class.


*We're sorry but no discounts can be applied to special classes. 

Focus on: Japanese Knitting!

Our Summer to Remember continues at WoolWinders. To bring something new to the community we looked right in our very own backyard! Local knitting expert and Japanese language and culture guru, Gayle Roehm, will be teaching TWO classes at WoolWinders this summer. See below for more information and be sure to sign up early as these classes are limited (due to seating area size). You don't want to miss these WoolWinders Rockville knitting class exclusives! 

Japanese Knitting Classes with Gayle Roehm

Gayle teaches knitting classes around the country with a focus on using Japanese patterns. She loves to introduce knitters to the pleasures of Japanese designs, and her knowledge of the subject is unmatched. To read more about Gayle please see her amazing biography on her website!

Gayle will be teaching TWO classes at WoolWinders this summer:

Introduction to Japanese Knitting Patterns*
Saturday, July 22nd
1PM - 5PM
Location: WoolWinders Rockville

Western knitters aren’t familiar with Japanese hand knitting designers, but their creative and often unusual designs can open up another world of knitting for you. Knitters do not need to be able to read or speak Japanese.  You can knit from Japanese knitting patterns once you become familiar with the graphic format. We’ll begin by learning how to “read” a schematic, and how to find basic information such as gauge, yarn requirements and needle sizing. We’ll also look at the symbols used in pattern stitch charts, which are standard among all Japanese publishers. If there’s time, we’ll swatch a stitch pattern or two for practice. Bring any Japanese patterns that you may have questions about. One pre-req - You must be very comfortable knitting from charts. For more information and to register (because space is limited!) - click here


Japanese Mini Scarf with Frill*
Saturdays, September 9th & 23rd 
2PM - 4PM
Location: WoolWinders Rockville

Knitters who love beautiful stitch patterns are delighted with the "Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Designs by Hitomi Shida," recently published in English. This class will give you an exclusive preview of one of the designs - Hitomi Shida's Exquisite Scarf! Join the translator to knit the scarf project from this book, and gain experience and insight into the complex charts and symbols. We'll start the body of the scarf in the first class, practicing chart-reading and some of the more complex maneuvers, to be sure you can work on the project later at home. In the second class, we’ll complete the “frill” at one end. For more information and to register (and again, space is limited!) - click here.


*We're sorry but discounts cannot be applied to special classes.

Announcing Summer Classes!

Summer is just about here!  We've had a long, cold, rainy spring so the sun and warm weather will be a nice change. 

We are excited to announce our summer classes.  It's going to be a summer to remember.  New and returning  Safari classes as well as new Project and Technique classes are scheduled for our Rockville shop and we are VERY excited to announce our FIRST classes for Annapolis! We hope to see you at one of the shops this summer!