image-8 Today we sing the praises of endeavoring to learn something new with every project you knit, even if the pattern doesn't specifically call for it. That's what makes the knitting adventure so much fun! TERRY CAMMACK knitted this beautiful labor of love shawl collared cardigan with toggle buttons and spiffy elbow patches to boot using SHEPHERD'S WOOL yarn for her dear husband. It fits just the way most men like their sweaters to fit--nice and roomy over a shirt. And here's the best part: SHE STEEKED IT! Why? Because she decided to knit the sweater in the round to make the knitting go faster and easier:) Plus, now she knows how to steek! So on your very next project, go the extra mile and think how you can learn something new while knitting it. Remember, what you learn on each project takes you one step closer to being the true master of your knitting and getting a finished product that's exactly what you want! Here's to adventurous knitting, everyone! image-7