The absolute BEST thing about knitting is seeing the craft passed on to the next generation. Pictured here are two very beautiful girls, JULES and DALLAS, who just happen to be my sons' girlfriends! Both girls are just taking off in their knitting skills, with Jules teaching herself how to Fair Isle knit this summer and Dallas learning to knit in the round and do intarsia! I am so proud of both of them! And they have great tastes in yarns, lol! Jules used her favorite blue shade of MALABRIGO RASTA for her infinity scarf  and Dallas knitted up this fun watch cap using NORO KUREYON. To whom are you passing on your passion for the craft? You may never even know! That little girl watching you in the pick-up line at school or at the doctor's office? That little boy who secretly covets the handknitted hats and socks your sons wear to school each day? The young wife of a husband's co-worker who aspires to knitting something special for her new baby? When you knit, you are passing on a piece of heritage, a sense of the basics in life, an inspiration for the next generation of knitters. Knit on, friends! Sketch26519134