NEW Annapolis Safari Announcement!

NEW Annapolis Safari Announcement!

Suzy Roy

We're THRILLED to let you know about a new Annapolis Safari knitting class that will be starting in August! 

Dolly Quinn is the instructor for this Annapolis Safari class. She has four grandchildren who love and appreciate receiving hand knitted sweaters, hats and mittens. Dolly retired in 2013 and spends her time knitting to her heart’s content at home and with her knit group friends. Over the past 20 years Dolly has taken many classes from renowned designers such as Lucy Neatby, Laura Ashley and Lori Versaci. Like most knitters, she loves to knit for herself. She also does test knitting and sample knitting for Lori Versaci, Corrina Ferguson and Christopher Salas. She has also taught classes at The Knitting Boutique in Glen Burnie until the store closed. Dolly enjoys exploring new and unusual knitting techniques and construction but most especially, sharing her knowledge with other knitters. She cannot wait to start this Safari journey with you. 

"What is a Safari?",  you ask?

At WoolWinders, a Safari is a knitting journey where you choose your starting point and your destination with the help of an experienced guide.  Along the way, you meet new friends and pick up new knitting survival skills. 

Safari's are our most popular WoolWinders classes!  Pick a project and work in a group setting with an instructor over the course of a month.   These classes are a great way to advance your skills and to make new friends. Basic knitting skills required are casting on, knitting and purling.   Our first Safari Class in Annapolis will meet 4 times a month month - what a great way to connect with fellow knitters and build a new knitting community!