ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN A JUNE CLASS AT WOOLWINDERS  YARN SHOP! As our way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty and dedication to our classes and our instructors over the years, Woolwinders is having a sale just for you JUNE 2-8, 2014! As we transition ownership of the store from Paige to Amy this month, all students CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN A JUNE CLASS at Woolwinders will receive a 20% DISCOUNT on all merchandise purchased during the week of JUNE 2-8, 2014! Here are the Rules: 1. You MUST CURRENTLY be enrolled in a June class at Woolwinders. CURRENT CLASS PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED. You must currently be participating in a class during the month of June 2014 in order to receive the discount. Past class participation in a class or having a card on file DOES NOT entitle you to the discount. 2. Any classes you register for during the week of June 2-8, 2014 are NON-REFUNDABLE should you choose to withdraw from the class at a later date. 3. All sales are FINAL. 4. All previous class discounts are VOID. You MAY NOT combine this offer with any other previous customer/student store discount program. The TOTAL possible discount of a purchase is 20%. We would sincerely like to thank everyone for your support of our shop and our instructors and hope that you have enjoyed your time knitting, creating and sharing with us here at Woolwinders and will continue to do do for many years to come! Knit on, friends!