What better way to ring in March than by taking charge of your knitting! And what better way to take charge of you knitting than with TWO NEW PROJECT/TECHNIQUE CLASSES at WOOLWINDERS YARN SHOP? Join us on SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST for one or both of these great new classes: TOE-UP SOCKS and COMBINATION KNITTING! First, the morning starts out with TOE-UP SOCKS with Terry Cammack. Join Terry and let her help you to take your sock knitting to the next level while you learn Judy's Magic Loop Method of casting on! Whether you are already a veteran sock knitter or just beginning, there are few things more gratifying to a knitter than a finished pair of well-knitted socks. Socks are fun to knit, comfortable to wear, make great gifts, and are cost efficient for your stash. And now, knit the perfect toe every time when you knit your socks from the toe-up!
Date: Saturday March 1, 8 & 22
Time: 9:30-11:30 AM
Cost: $80/for all three sessions
Then, spend the afternoon learning COMBINATION KNITTING with Suzy Roy. Combination knitting is a method of flat knitting which combines both elements of Western and Eastern knitting techniques. Whether you are currently a combination knitter who often gets frustrated following traditionally written knitting patterns or an experienced knitter who would like to learn a different knitting style with an eye towards increasing your speed, evening out your tension, and reducing wrist pain,this is the class for you!
Date: Saturday, March 1st
Time: 12-3 PM
Cost: $55