image-10   Have you been following along with us on this year's DOWNTON ABBEY KNITALONG PROJECT, The Downton Abbey Wrap? TERRY CAMMACK graciously sent me a photo of her wrap which shows what your wrap should look like at this point. I have seen a few of these wraps in person at the shop and they are coming out just lovely and will be truly beautiful when completed--well worth the effort! Want to knit along with us on Sunday evenings during the weekly episode of Downton Abbey? It's not too late! The pattern is FREE ONLINE ON OUR RAVELRY GROUP PAGE,, and directions for a new section of the lace border edge is issued every Sunday before showtime! If you can't retrieve it online, stop in to the shop and we'll be happy to give you a copy of the directions and even help you pick out your yarn at Woolwinders, your neighborhood yarn shop!