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Visible mending is a way to save and adorn your favorite jeans while doing your part to help save the planet from unnecessary waste. In this class, you will learn to patch and then embellish the holes in your blue jeans with sashiko, a Japanese method of stitching used to reinforce and decorate fabric. Two hand sewing stitches, the whip stitch and the running stitch, will be covered in class.

Class Dates/Times: 

Wednesday, 4PM-6PM 

March 22


Janet Bowen

Techniques/Skills Learned: 

Visibly patch and embellish blue jeans using handsewing; whip stitch; running stitch

Skill Level: 

Comfortable with threading a needle and making basic hand sewing stitches

Materials Needed for Class: 

1 pair of blue jeans with at least one to two holes

Additional denim fabric, prewashed, large enough to overlap hole in all directions by 2” (I suggest picking up a pair of men’s jeans at the thrift store for this and cutting off the legs to use as your patch or patches)

Sashiko thread* or embroidery floss in at least two colors

Sashiko or embroidery needles (2) to fit your thread or floss

Small, sharp scissors with a narrow point

Optional: washable fabric pencil