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Description:  Relaxing way to learn basic modern embroidery skills. We will work with a prepared kit and learn 15 basic stitches, and in the second class we will work on the centerpiece flower. Instructor will go over all the basic tools and techniques and get you prepared to continue your journey into the wonderfully calming world of modern embroidery. 

Class Dates/Times

Saturdays, 4PM - 6PM

January 21 & 28


Instructor: Ata Isakovic


Techniques Learned:  Basic embroidery stitches: Split stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, running stitch, fly stitch,satin stitch, lazy daisy, french knot, scallop stitch, straight and seed stitch, fishbone, woven spider wheel, long and short, and a centerpiece flower to finish the project. Pattern designed by @little-dear.


Skill Level:  No experience necessary 


*Please note - this class fills QUICKLY. Please call or stop by to be added to the waitlist*


Materials Needed for Class

Kits with the materials needed for the project will be provided by the instructor. 

Kits will cost $40 which can be paid directly to the instructor the first day of class.