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Description:  Learn how to knit for speed and efficiency!  Continental style knitting is sometimes considered a more efficient method of knitting and many knitters find it less stressful on their hands than the traditional English "throwing" method. This class is perfect for "throwers" who've always wanted to learn continental knitting as well as for continental knitters who have struggled with the continental purl stitch. Join Sarah to master the knit and purl stitches using the continental method!

Class Dates/Times:

Thursday, 5PM - 8PM

August 22

Instructor: Sarah Evans

Techniques/Skills Learned:  Continental style of knitting.

Prerequisites for Class:  Knitting 101 and/or know how to knit in another method.

Materials Needed for Class: 

US7 or US8 needles.

Worsted weight practice yarn.


Cast on 25 – 30 stitches and Knit 3 rows.


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