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Description:  This is a one session workshop that will teach you 5 of the most useful bind-off techniques beyond the basic method. Each technique was selected to coordinate with the cast-on methods presented in the Cast-on workshop

Class Dates/Times:

Saturday, 9AM - 12PM

September 14

Instructor: Dolly Quinn

Techniques/Skills Learned:  Learn to choose bind-off methods that coordinate, in appearance, with cast-on techniques.

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner - Can knit, purl, cast on and bind off.  Confident with knitting basics and ready to go to the next level.

Prerequisites for Class:  Must be confident with at least one basic bind-off method.

Materials Needed for Class: 

5 swatches (see homework) worked with worsted weight yarn.

Size US 7 or US8, 24-29" circulars or straight needles


Knit 5 swatches as follows:

Cast-on 30 sts for each.

Then work 10 rows in the following patterns:

3 swatches in stockinette - *knit 1 row, purl 1 row*, repeat.1 swatch in garter - knit stitch of every row.

1 swatch in ribbing - *k1, p1*, repeat to end.

Leave live stitches, of garter stitch swatch, on needles.

Place live stitches of 4 remaining swatches on waste yarn or stitch holders.



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