Meet the new owners of WoolWinders Yarn Shop!

Meet the new owners of WoolWinders Yarn Shop!

Amy Murphy

I am thrilled to announce that Janet and Mark Tate are the new owners of WoolWinders Yarn Shop!

Let's learn more about Janet and Mark:

Janet and Mark moved to Annapolis in 2012 when Mark began working for a company in Baltimore.  Before moving to Annapolis, they lived in several cities in the southeast. They have three grown children living in Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN and Auburn, AL. The youngest is still in college.  

Janet’s early career was in the area of public administration.  She quit work to raise the three children.  Besides volunteering at the schools and being taxi service for sporting events, she played tennis on a neighborhood tennis team.  She has made many wonderful friendships living in five different cities while the children were in school.  With the last child entering college, Janet decided to go back to work.  She has worked part time at the Brooks Brothers in Annapolis for almost four years.

Janet was taught to crochet by her grandmother who was a tireless crocheter.  She still has a hat that was given to her by her grandmother for a Christmas gift.  At some point in her childhood she learned the basics of knitting.  She picked up knitting again six years ago when living in Bowling Green, KY.  When she moved to Annapolis, she found a wonderful knitting community at the Yarn Garden shop.  She also joined a weekly group that meets at the local Panera.   When the Yarn Garden closed two years ago Janet found herself without a convenient local yarn store.  She continued to knit but missed the weekly interaction with fellow knitters.  It became a dream to consider owning a yarn shop where she could build upon her knitting relationships.

Please drop by the shop and welcome Janet and Mark to the wonderful WoolWinders Yarn Shop family!