Meet the new owners of WoolWinders Yarn Shop!

I am thrilled to announce that Janet and Mark Tate are the new owners of WoolWinders Yarn Shop!

Let's learn more about Janet and Mark:

Janet and Mark moved to Annapolis in 2012 when Mark began working for a company in Baltimore.  Before moving to Annapolis, they lived in several cities in the southeast. They have three grown children living in Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN and Auburn, AL. The youngest is still in college.  

Janet’s early career was in the area of public administration.  She quit work to raise the three children.  Besides volunteering at the schools and being taxi service for sporting events, she played tennis on a neighborhood tennis team.  She has made many wonderful friendships living in five different cities while the children were in school.  With the last child entering college, Janet decided to go back to work.  She has worked part time at the Brooks Brothers in Annapolis for almost four years.

Janet was taught to crochet by her grandmother who was a tireless crocheter.  She still has a hat that was given to her by her grandmother for a Christmas gift.  At some point in her childhood she learned the basics of knitting.  She picked up knitting again six years ago when living in Bowling Green, KY.  When she moved to Annapolis, she found a wonderful knitting community at the Yarn Garden shop.  She also joined a weekly group that meets at the local Panera.   When the Yarn Garden closed two years ago Janet found herself without a convenient local yarn store.  She continued to knit but missed the weekly interaction with fellow knitters.  It became a dream to consider owning a yarn shop where she could build upon her knitting relationships.

Please drop by the shop and welcome Janet and Mark to the wonderful WoolWinders Yarn Shop family!
August 31, 2016 by Amy Murphy
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Judy Protas

Judy Protas said:

I am so happy that WoolWinders will remain open !!! It is such a warm and friendly shop and I am always able to find what I’m looking for!!!

Nancy Morin

Nancy Morin said:

So happy to hear this news! Welcome to this fabulous community Janet and Mark and thank you so much for keeping this amazing shop open!

Janet K. Haeussermann

Janet K. Haeussermann said:

You’re living MY dream. Congrats!

Louise Myrick

Louise Myrick said:

Janet, I am so excited for you! Looking forward to visiting the shop. How soon will you be open?

Louise Lighthart

Louise Lighthart said:

I wish you much success. nice to have a new yarn shop.

Peg Hosky

Peg Hosky said:

Welcome to our world! I too have shopping in LYS around the country, and WoodWinders is a favorite drive from DC. Grateful you’ll be taking over the helm. I took a class there on knitting slippers, and the camaraderie was joyful! Best wishes, Peg

Doris Simons

Doris Simons said:



Rita said:

Welcome!! I am so happy that Woolwinders will continue.

Ruth McLenaghan

Ruth McLenaghan said:

Welcome, Janet and Mark!


Elsie said:

Welcome! Wool winders is a great shop with beautiful yarns and helpful staff. Amy, you will be missed.

Ede Addelston

Ede Addelston said:

Welcome to our knitting community. Wool WInders is a great shop and I know it continue to be with it new owners.
I live Reston Va and drive over to see what wonderful yarns are available and to see all the wonderful samples that have been knitted up.
I wish you much success and hope to make it over soon.
Edie Addelston

Kathy Driscoll

Kathy Driscoll said:

So happy that this special store has new parents. Welcome!!


Nandi said:

Hi Janet, Hi Mark, it’s nice to know that Woolwinders found its new owners. I’m a crocheter and it was so nice you mentioned crochet first, rather than as an afterthought. I had just started to crochet again in 2013 and went the The Yarn Garden, just once (sadly) and it was gone the next time I wanted to go. Anyway, I already feel like you and I have a lot in common. Welcome to the DC area, hope your commute to the store doesn’t wear you down. Nandi


Barbara said:

Welcome! Look forward to visiting your shop soon!

Gayle Marie Brown Driver

Gayle Marie Brown Driver said:

Welcome aboard Janet and Mark. I am out of town this week but I look forward to meeting you on my return I also look forward to continuing my own knitting journey with the Safari program.
Gayle Driver

Diane K Bicjan

Diane K Bicjan said:

Welcome, Janet and Mark! I am so glad that you have purchased the Woolwinders LYS and I hope to stop by sometime to meet you and see what lovely items you will have.

Lorelei Morris

Lorelei Morris said:

Wonderful news and I wish the new owners all the best! I’ve only visited your store once, during this year’s Metro Yarn Crawl. My friends and I hoped to visit again and were sad to think the store might close. I’ll make sure to share your good news.
Congratulations and I wish you much success!


Liz said:

Janet ,
Welcome to Woolwinders . You couldn’t ask for a better staff and such a great place to buy yarn and knit with great people . So happy you bought the shop I only wish you great success with your new venture . So happy you are keeping Woolwinders alive . Our Tuesday afternoon Safari is like a therepy session . We bond so well together .

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