A Perfect Summer Knitting Project!

Amy Murphy

Look at the gorgeous shawl that customer Jo just completed! This slinky, sexy shawl is Shinkan-Zen by Susan Ashcroft, and is made with one skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk. The unusual pattern name comes from the speedy Japanese bullet trains, but calls to mind the zen-like state you feel when knitting this speedy, but relaxing pattern.

At the shop, we’re often asked to recommend patterns for TV-knitting or travel knitting, and with summer vacations coming up, Shinkan-Zen would be great to take along on car trips (no driving and knitting, please!) or wherever your summer plans take you.

The pattern is written for any size (gauge) yarn, and I particularly love the yarn Jo selected - Handmaiden Sea Silk. Made from 70% silk and 30% seacell (fiber made from seaweed!), I’ve never seen a yarn quite like this. It beckons to you from across the shop, and just asks to be touched. The colors are stunning and the silk gives each skein a wondrous sheen. Finished projects have incredible drape and lightness that are perfect for summer shawls or year-round black-tie events.

We have a brand new shipment of Handmaiden Sea Silk in blues, greens, purples and lovely natural colors coming in any day now - the last time we got a shipment, the yarn was barely out of the box before customers were picking out their favorite skein to take home! Get yours today!

Wonderful job, Jo - enjoy your stunning shawl!