Spring Cleaning to Spring Knitting

Ariel Brandt Lautman
Guest post by Ariel Brandt Lautman who has been working on our website stuff for the last few months. Did the spring cleaning bug bite anyone else this year? It got me something fierce! Late one night I found myself organizing my yarn stash and was completely mystified to realize HOW MUCH cotton yarn I've accumulated over the years. I just finished a twin size bedspread for my son this past fall, so I don't really have the patience for big projects, but I'm all about learning some new techniques. And, with the spring cleaning and organizing bug still flitting about my house, I decided it would be a great time to build up a supply of wash and dishcloths. It has been so much fun! I've always taken to heart something I read in Mason Dixon Knitting - that it's important to get over the "precious knits" early - knit things that you'll use, wear, and love. I've been knitting washcloths for my friends with new babies (and there are many of them... so this is much easier to keep up with than blankets!) When you have a new baby you can never have too many things to clean up a mess with, and bonus points if it's not something you're wearing. Since starting this project I've surprised by how happy it makes me to pick up a colorful, fun, washcloth at bath time, or even just to wipe up a spill in the kitchen. Here's a set of washcloths I made for a friend who has a new baby. IMG_4022 I've also discovered tawashis... what great small projects! I love these as an add on to a larger gift. They would be great with some fancy soap and lotion for mothers day. IMG_4026 Here are a couple of my favorite patterns, all of which I've found to be highly functional, fun to knit, and easy to wash. Ballband Dishcloth - the classic, knits fast, looks more complicated than it is. This is the Ballband Tawashi (above) - , and can't wait to try this swiffer mod! Almost Lost Washcloth - the pinwheel looking ones above. Lizard Ridge Dishcloth - great for practicing short rows. And if I haven't sold you on dishies yet, they're great stash busters for a couple of yards of whatever you've got left over.