rowcountpeacesignafghansquarepix-300x294   My theme for today: we're all in this knitting thing together. Meaning, we all share in the knitting and crocheting community to which we belong. This weekend was the kick-off for this year's annual Metro Yarn Crawl for our area and each year this special event reminds me how much we, as keepers of our craft, have in common despite our varying locales, ages, genders, etc. We are all in this together, bound together by our love of the craft and our passion for, and never-ending quest for,  fabulous fibers! And while we can't wait to see everyone at Woolwinders this week and next weekend as the crawl continues through April 13th, we also enjoy meeting new faces and learning more about what other shops have to offer as well. I, myself, went 'a yarn crawlin' today! As an avid knitter, I enjoy browsing yarn shops (other than my own) as much as the next knitterly gal, and I would like to welcome The Knot House to the fold and wish them luck. After all, at the end of the day, we all love yarn, we all love knitting, and we all should support one another and make sure that our craft lives on for many years to come because...we are all in this together! Peace, love, and knitting, friends!