photo-316   Welcome to 2014! Make this winter the time you FINALLY learn to fix your mistakes or to block and finish your knitting and crocheting projects like a pro! You want you hard work to look handmade, not homemade, lol! Even something as simple and pretty as this HALONA SHAWL knitted primarily all in garter stitch using SHALIMAR BEATHLESS yarn requires simple fixes like how to pick up a dropped garter stitch and how to properly block your finished piece so it looks it best. Join Jennifer Raymond on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST for ONE OR BOTH of her classes: BASIC BLOCKING & FINISHING from 9:30-11L30 AM and FIXING BASIC KNITTING MISTAKES from 12-2 PM and give your lovingly knitted projects the professionally finished look they (and you!) deserve, at Woolwinders, your neighborhood yarn shop! photo-315
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