We're heading into summer and it's time for those oh-so-lovely, light and airy, delicate and intricate, or simple and sophisticated: LACEWEIGHT SHAWLS, SCARVES, and COWLS! The absolutely perfect accessory for any woman's wardrobe because it lightens your face, compliments your eyes, and you don't have to worry about sizing while knitting! And the NEW MALABRIGO SILKPACA 70% baby alpaca/30% silk blend that just arrived today is the answer to your summer accessory project prayers! Knit it up alone or pair it up with  ART YARNS BEADED SILK & SEQUINS for that extra something special. The yarn is beautiful, the colors are beautiful, and the yardage and price are beautiful! You can't lose at Woolwinders, your neighborhood yarn shop! REMEMBER: WE CLOSE EARLY AT 4:00 PM TOMORROW, FRIDAY, JUNE 7TH! photo-125  

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