If there was a prize for most finished projects in a month, it would go LAURA EISENMAN! Just take a look at all the lovely projects she finished up in her safari knitting class last month: socks, hats, and a beautiful bag! Great job, Laura! Keep up the good work! And now a PRIZE for the rest of you! Join us on our WOOLWINDERS RAVELRY GROUP PAGE at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/woolwinders-yarn-shop and follow our NEW "KNITTING SHAME" CONTEST THREAD and tell us your funniest or most embarrassing knitting or crocheting "oops" moment and we'll enter your name in our raffle to WIN a $25 WOOLWINDERS GIFT CARD next month! Enter as many times as you like. The funniest, TRUE, knitting shame story wins! Good luck!! photo-102