A woman in one of our safari knitting group classes this week remarked to her instructor, "I want to get good enough at knitting so that I can knit without making any mistakes."  Who among us hasn't thought that? However, while it may be nice to be able to pick up a project and get through it without too much difficulty, that is only one part of the journey as a knitter. Knitting is no different than anything else you may try in life. Chances are, since you are human, you will find times along your knitting journey when you make mistakes, need help, become confused, become disenchanted or frustrated. You will also have moments when you learn a new technique or a new tip or trick, complete a project you thought was beyond you, learn to love sharing your knitting with others and being able to touch other people through your knitting, and be surprised and fulfilled when you realize you are learning about a whole new side of yourself through your knitting journey that you didn't know you had in you. "I can do the math", "I can figure out that lace chart",  "I feel proud when I give a handknitted gift", "I am expressing myself in a completely unique and original way that I may never have before", "My knitting may calm me, focus me, comfort me, or give me blessed release during those time in my life when I am struggling." ALL THIS, is what this humble knitter would call, knitting success. Knit on friends, and may your knitting always carry you through, mistakes and all! images-2